7. The Importance of Technicians in the education of UAL Students.

Written in a Spark Journal Vol1 No2 by Clare Sam the role of technicians is investigated to find out how UAL technicians conceive the role in higher education.  One of Sams’ findings show ‘…in art and design direct interaction with staff is paramount to learning. Technicians play an important part in delivering this aspect of student experience.’ (Sams 2016 P65)

The importance of the technicians in the students learning has not always been fully recognized across many subject areas in higher education which can lead to limited development opportunities for the technicians. (Vare 2013) I believe this has started to change within the last 5 years but I would argue has it gone far enough. If the technician’s role in teaching educating our students it fully recogised, then the importance of supporting them in the teaching of students with specific learning requires would be highlighted and they would be provided with more training and tools to teach their students.

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Sams, C. (2016) ‘How do art and design technicians conceive of their role in higher education?’ Spark: UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal. Vol 1 / Issue 2 (2016) pp. 62-69 at: https://sparkjournal.arts.ac.uk/index.php/spark/article/view/18 (Accessed 29th Dec 2018).