Hello PGcert!!

Rose Williams 05.01.18

Having been a support worker at UAL for the last 2 years I have been working to remove the barriers that students with disabilities face, and support them to work as independently as possible during their studies in Higher Education.

I have learnt to restructure a brief in a simpler format to help my students understand and interpret the task independently. I have encouraged conversation as a means of coming up with ideas, using questionnaires and workshops to construct a personal response to the brief they are given. From brief through to completion I support my students with step-by-step instructions and practical teaching, creating a familiar framework in which to operate. I appreciate the importance of peer-to-peer learning within a comfortable working environment and have worked to create this for my students within the University Campus.

I hope the forthcoming studies will provide me with a better understanding of how to help my students explore their creative work. Primarily I hope to learn how to structure and develop a good lesson plan and gain confidence in teaching and presenting to groups of students. I hope the skills I will learn on this course will build on my existing knowledge and enable me to further my career as a tutor in higher education.

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  1. Rose, I really enjoyed reading your first post. I’d would love to hear more about you experiences as a support worker at UAL. I have an interest in working with widening participation students, and have recently become an Arts Emergency mentor to support a widening participation candidate’s application to a university. I think we will have some interesting stories to share. Really looking forwards to working with you during this unit.

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